Salesforce RSS Reader for Visualforce

Salesforce Apex RSS Reader for Visualforce

You may have, at one time or another, had the need or notion to embed an RSS feed into a Visualforce page.  If you are anything like me, you immediately began searching for “salesforce ... Continue Reading →
Salesforce Roll-Up Summary Utility

Salesforce Roll-up Summary Utility for Lookup Fields with Filter

A while back I wrote a Salesforce roll-up summary trigger which mimics the declarative roll-up summary functionality provided by  I received several comments from ... Continue Reading →
Salesforce Roll-Up Summary Trigger

Salesforce Roll-Up Summary Trigger Revised

Why on earth would anybody want a Salesforce trigger to perform a roll-up summary type function when Salesforce already provides you with Roll-Up Summary fields? The answer may not ... Continue Reading →
Salesforce Apex / Visualforce Syntax Highlighter

Salesforce Apex & VisualForce Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

If you’ve ever used a search engine to find help on Salesforce development, then you’re probably familiar with Jeff Douglas. He is the inspiration behind this section of ... Continue Reading →

Who is Anthony Victorio?

Hello. I am Anthony Victorio. I would love to share all kinds of personal details about my self, however, identity theft has made me way too paranoid.  I can tell you that I was born ... Continue Reading →