Who is Anthony Victorio?

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Hello. I am Anthony Victorio.

I would love to share all kinds of personal details about my self, however, identity theft has made me way too paranoid.  I can tell you that I was born in Peru and migrated to the US when I was very young.  I currently reside in Texas and make my living as a webmaster / web designer / seo consultant.

I created this site to share personal aspects of my life with my friends and to showcase my professional work with colleagues. To see some of my work check out the “Portfolio” section listed on the top menu.

I have been working with the Salesforce.com platform since 2003 in both administrative and development roles. I also have experience in web design working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I hold certification for the Salesforce.com Developer program. I am also an employee of Model Metrics, a Salesforce.com company.

  • Marty Petraitis

    Hi Anthony, Would you be interested in helping with a Rollup trigger for our price calculator on OpportunityProducts??


  • http://www.anthonyvictorio.com/ Anthony Victorio

    Hi Marty, send me an email with the details and I’ll see if I have bandwidth to aid you in your efforts. anthony.victorio@gmail.com

  • Tleahy

    I need help please contact me, google chat isn’t working for me. Like, this could get me fired, I NEED help

  • Tleahy
  • http://www.anthonyvictorio.com/ Anthony Victorio

    Hi, I sent you an email. Please let me know how I can help you.

  • Sol

    Hi Anthony, Can you help me to solve the problems in Trigger in Junction Object. Here is thescenario: I have a 3(A,B,C, B is Junction) custom objects one, I want to get the sum of all record from object A from a. Can you give me an idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drandytran Andy Tran

    Anthony, Are you available for a consultant job? Job on Summary roll function. Thx

    Andy Tran – andy.tran@allianceitc.com

  • Dana Copeland

    Hi Anthony. I got your web address from the information section as Ask Deb. Are you still in charge of that site? I’m getting an internal error when I try to email the editor.